Sri rama Dasu! Story of a devotee

Was just watching this movie on and on and on…. Didnt know really as to what was that spl feature in the film that got to me straight in the heart ?!
The story of an ardent devotee who was ready to take on the kings to build a temple for the Lord rama  is both inspiring and I dont know if iam seeing something else but the way the progonist educates the masses by making them write the name of the Lord ram makes me feel its also about litercy drive, and the way the progonist Gopanna (who becomes Rama dasu meaning servent of the lord Ram) takes on the land lords and their exploitation makes me feel wonderful.

Sri Ramadasu

And the other thing that I found is the masses in millions flowing into the theatres day after day even advance booking for tickets not available, I have never seen the flow in such volumes atleast after i knew the film going community. They say people are going crazy and people who never have come out to watch a movie ever in 20 years or even longer are comming out to watch this particular movie. Looks like atleast its a bit of change from the reggular boy meets a girl and the heroines exposing revealing acts. Thank God

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