My heart goes out for Suryanarayana’s family

As I woke up today to a new May day….. The writing in the newspaper was oozing blood and tears, I cudnt anymore hold my tears …(Mind u Iam one of those few who dont  cry at all !?). Especially look at the children their tears drain u off, is this what we are for.

least of all humans doing such heinous crimes. Will God forgive anybody who’s done such a crime. May God give them some realisation. It pains …. Truly aches in my heart….

It was of some solace that his death didnt go unnoticed and many voices on radio (thank you Radio Mirchi), TV, and newspapers carried the consoling messages and condolences.

Suryanarayana is working with one of those 10-12 Indian companies awarded subcontracts for reconstruction in Afghan. And the 3000 and odd work force from India most of who have been there via dubai and dubai based companies face a day to day threat of life as is the case with 1000’s of reconstructioon workers from rest of the world.

It was not one of those routine stories but something thats real different, The pix and the stories of the 3000 reconstruction workers (Indian) working round the clock to rebuild and bring smiles on the faces of those  31 million faces disturbed by the cilvil wars and deprived of an economy thats connected to the world.

Now Suryanarayana or kutty (who was also killed brutally a couple of months ago) are targets coz they are Indians and India is getting closer to the US. Yet another reason could be India’s proactive role in reconstruction and relief, I was impressed this morning when I had a look at the works:

School: Habibia High School which educates 12000 children

Ghafoor Mirza

Mr Mirza is happy that India helped restore the prestigious school

Buses: 400 (Courtesy The TATAs)

Vehicles: 300 (Including trucks, vans, Ambulances, jeeps)

Indiragandhi Childrens Hospital: Treating  8,000 patients per month (Also the only hospital to have been running continuous since so many years)

Roads : Reconstructed Jeronge- De- la-ram Highway

Taking up the work of designing (completed) and constructing / renovating the Parliament

Former Afghan Presidential palace, now venue for Parliament

Does India just seek to construct a parliament here or more


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