The children Malnourished

Seen the picture above, I am shocked and rather sorry for the state of the affairs with the children the tommorrow of the world.

In pictures: Feeding the world



Copyright - Unicef

Good nutrition is key to child development, but Unicef is warning 5.6m children will die of malnutrition each year.

(C) Unicef

Here in Dhaka, Bangladesh, a woman feeds her malnourished child at a Unicef project.

(C) Unicef

Weighing infants regularly is one way of ensuring problems are detected early.

(C) Unicef

Unicef says people need to be educated about foods, such as vegetables, which will provide the nutrients they need.

(C) Unicef

Group talks, street theatre and peer education are used to inform teenagers about eating well.

(C) Unicef

New mothers at a centre in Nabinagar, Bangladesh, are given blended food to supplement their diet.

(C) Unicef

Unicef says better nutrition allows children to learn well and grow up to play a key role in their communities. All photos by Unicef.

In South Asia, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan account for half of all the world’s underweight children. About 47% of under-fives in India are underweight and according to the MDGs theres no rather impressive improvement in the state of the children.

How could we neglect the kids the rather godly beings innocent and cute.

3 thoughts on “The children Malnourished

  1. Anonymous

    I feel bad that my children have plenty when others are starving. Is there really an easy solution to this problem? I wish there were, it breaks my heart to see their little eyes and bodies that are screaming for nourishment. I wish I could do more than I do, this is a sad state of affairs I agree!

  2. Dr Jayaraj M B

    Yes Carli…it is hard to see that the problem of malnutrition really exist even while people are dying of diseases from overnutrition and most of the affluent classes are facing problems of obesity…it is really the humanitarian side of our mind which really can make a difference…it is always better to make an awareness among people via these sort of reminders as Veeru does here…so once in a while a motivated mind will think beyond and will do something…yah…something has to be done..

  3. Betty

    I agree with both of you Carli and Dr. J. It is heart wrenching to see these children suffering like this. Can you just imagine what good we could do in this world, if the powers that be spent all the money they use to make war… to help feed the children and provide the most basic of health care. I have never been to India or Bangladesh, but I have been to central america and Africa. I make it a point to donate to outreach programs that give the most monay to the cause and less to paying the people who run the charity. The sad thing is that we cant really see the people who benifit from what we give, we have to TRUST blindly sometimes. It helps when we see programs like UNICEF actually helping people.

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