This is one Site that I would love to come back ……..

This is the One Site I would prefer comming back again and again, Its no preaching of the sorts but a site with a difference and its none other than the Website of His Excellency the President of India,

I will tell u more, Last Feb 17th, 18th, 19th 2006 I was in Bangalore for the Silver Jubilee of the Art of Living, and on the eve of valedictory function there was this special man who came up to the dias and while he was addressing the 2 million devotees of Sri Sri ravishankar from around the world, the 2 mn devotees rose up for standing ovation when the man touched their hearts with his divine quotes which he made them repeat in English….. Thats APJ Kalam. As the address of the President came to a close groups of people mostly westerners were wondering how they could have the copy of the speach. And I was more than delighted to share my fav site.

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