Was in Medak , ,,,,,,

Had a couple of some rare experiences yesterday? Quite frankly….  I didnt know how to take them my stride.

1) the Vaasthu (the science of Construction in Hinduism / vedic religion )
2) the preference of Son over daughter
This actually happened on a trip with my friends father to Medak, yesterday. I was a  bit confused if i can believe in this science . Though it was convincingly close and comfortable for a livable world, Somehow somthing in me demanded for more. Might b sometime later I shall explore this piece. But for now its ok.

The second incident too was regarding one of my friends whom I thought was close to me and held in high esteem, for his idealistic life. He sort of knocked me down when he revealed that he used a sort of leaf for his wife (Ayurveda is again a study of evolved in India where in the treatment is based on natural herbs and shurbs and at times animal products too.) to concieve a baby BOY.

I was one of those who thought its unnecessary to descriminate from a boy and a girl. Coz I really dont understand why one shud be wary of a girl ? And its no exaggeration that its becoming hard for the same people who have discriminated the girl child to find a bride for themselves (societies). When the Female population all over the world is dwindling. Yeah and India is no exception and theres no reason to sit and just buy some arguments. Incidentally it has been the second such case in my closest circles that has come to my notice. Or might be Iam too sensitive ?!

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