The plight of the Displaced people

 The Plight of the Displaced  (both internally as well as externally) in any country is the same. Be it for the sake of the development or the internal / external disturbances, in Darfur, in Srilanka, in in the Narmada valley India, in the Three gorges dams area, or anywhere in then world u name it and the plight of the victims beyond doubt is undescribable.

Refugees International

According to the U.S. Committee for Refugees, at the end of 2001, some 345,000 refugees were living in India, including as many as 144,000 from Sri Lanka, 110,000 from China (Tibet), 52,000 from Burma, 15,000 from Bhutan, 12,000 from Afghanistan, an estimated 5,000 to 20,000 from Bangladesh, and nearly 300 from other countries. At the same time, about 17,000 Kashmiris from the Indian-controlled area of Kashmir remained in Pakistan.

Delhi Slums  cleared (Indian Newspaper)

“Around 40,000 shops have been sealed, 20,000 houses demolished and slums removed. It is nothing but criminal negligence on the Congress government’s part.” There are an estimated 1,400 unauthorised colonies in Delhi and over 6 lakh families living in slums and jhuggi-jhopris. Government had earlier finalised guidelines for regularisation of unauthorised colonies existing as on March 31, 2002 under certain specific terms and conditions.

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