Telugu bloggers

This is no Photo opp, has more to it than that, its a meet up of the Telugu Bloggers. Iam Proud of theses Software pro’s who have been doing their bit to improve the falling (urban) interests in Telugu language. Its an effort worth mention though small in nature but with big / huge /larger impact.

And getting back to the Pic the imposing statue that u see in the background obviously is that of the BUDHA. The stand out feature of the lake is a 17.5 meter tall and 350 ton white granite statue of Bhudda on Gibraltar Rock. Placed in the middle of `Husain sagar’ lake, and carved from a single rock, this the largest stone staute of the Buddha in the world. It was installed in 1992. It is a marvellous piece. It is done on a monolithic granite stone. One can go in the garden developed around this structure

Located in the centre of Tank Bund , the Buddha statue is known to be the largest single monolithic statue in the whole world. The statue, a brain child of former chief minister of A.P, Mr.N.T.R., has been carried from a hill rock at Raigir in Nalgonda district. In fact, it has caused mighty ripples, literally speaking, when it plunged in Tank Bund’s muddy water while on its way to get shipped to the centre of the Tank Bund. The statue is major attraction to south Asians who come to visit Buddhist sites.

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