Good News from a friend

Thanx Ana for the permitting me to post Nupurs Pix online and sharing with my friends …..

There was this pleasant surprise SMS from one of my Friends in Guwhati yesterday early in the morning at approximately 7:00 am and it was really pleasant as I haven’t had any news of her for a while. Was myself thinking of atleast calling her….

And the SMS read

not flesh of my flesh
not bone of my bone
but miraculously my very own…
she was born not under my heart,
but in it. i had longed for a daughter and finally my prayers have been answered……
she has arrived to keep me on my toes …
yes my dearest daughter has come to our lives .
This friend of mine actually was a collegue in my Journalism very close one ofcourse and had long been thinking of having a child and look at the wording it touched me so much that I called her up as soon as I recieved the message.
My friend has adopted this sweete thing from the Mother teressa’s Orphanage. And both my frriend and her husband were on cloud 9 along with the kid … I wish I cud post her pix but no Will not intrude into their privacy. Believe me shes such a cute kid that I still cant still feel the clear white eyes from the pix looking at me.
Any how Congrats dear for u have your little angel…. And as I promised will b in Guwhati for her Happy B’day (Thats how its mentioned in this part of the world).

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