Iam still Struggling to cope wid d “Da Vinci Code”

YEah and truly….

Atleast in India its a controversy worth avoiding. When people all around have read the book (if u havent yet theres copies of it online too) whats the point in banning a movie. ANd the Information & Broadcasting minister of all is the stupidest one I have ever seen. Its good to cultivate confidence in the community affected but not on such trivial issues.

I was watching the programme on a news channel CNN IBN with Sagarika Ghosh, and film personalities defending the Right to creativity and expression, as well as the religious leaders that were getting offended and infact giving the film over publicity than whatever it deserves is seeming funny for me. Then there was this Rakesh sharma whose film “war & peace” was banned several times and he now is standing up for the same principles of freedom.

The book was a wonderful 400 and odd page crime-thriller with a historic sort of legend that would kind of re-write history of the church or as the movie claims mankind.

But the much anticipated movie I think is gonna bomb, unless ofcourse u include a bollywood kindaa song dance sequance (Last heard the movie is around 2 and half hours streched). I know the thrill and anticipation for the movie is quite high but considering the reviews i have been seeing over the net and in Print i dont think it will last longer.

And look at what BBC has to say:

Scriptwriter Akiva Goldsman has produced a script that is clunky in parts and downright cringeworthy in others.

Together McKellen and Bettany prevent the film from being a £125m critical disaster.

But the truth is, the wide appeal of The Da Vinci Code book coated the film in critic-proof armour long before it was even made.

Fox news says:
The Big Story With John Gibson, May 16, 2006 Interview with freelance writer Amy Welborn. She’s also the author of “De-coding Mary Magdalene: Truth, Legend and Lies.”
Although i would love to believe Miss Amy Welborn but her over emphasis on the Gospels (which unfortunately are also the target) makes me a bit more wary.
Five Biggest Flaws in ‘The Da Vinci Code’
The Age says:
The 148 minute film is a bit too lengthy with Prof. Langdons lectures on Symbology and as also the last shot where in the Proffessor reveals to Sophie taht she is the last living hier of the blood of Jesus sent ripples of laughter peeling all around the by then polite sitting crowd.

Canada.com The site says:
Reaction ranged from halfhearted admiration to boredom to derision among journalists at the first press screening of the Ron Howard-Tom Hanks blockbuster in waiting, premiering Wednesday at the Cannes Film Festival and opening worldwide through Friday.

By the end of my eager  browsing for a positive comment on the toooo lengthy film I didnt in any case find a single positive appreciation leave alone a starred review.

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