Quota’s Protested

In the Politics of the OBC’s the Students are fast being used as pawns, I dont mean any harm to either factions both Pro n against Quota’s but I was hurt by the way the Police in Bombay (Mumbai) handled the protesting doctors. Manhandled beaten up and so rude that I doubt if we are in India ruled by Indians.

I was equally shocked at the visuals of patients who were turned away due to striking doctors. AIIMS itself has 900 doctors and all of them going on strike means something really is going wrong. I myself couldnt reason the strike, (though for a case ) but equally important is the duty that they are entitled to.  The Backward classes which constitute the biggest chunk are the target of vote bank politics. And thus these dramas. I support reservations not on caste basis but on Economic status. Otherwise till date the reservations have been exploited by people who have already been exploiting them for a long time and not the genuinely needy.

There have been affirmative descrimination as it is called in the west for a while in the developed (so called) countries, but with the kind of population size India is no doubt facing uphill task in making reservations available to the truly deprived.

Titled as mandal II and politicked by the Old cunning Fox Arjun Singh I wish theres somebody who can (or even I  myself) eliminate the fellow from the face of the earth as did the characters in Rang De Basanthi. The film has infact roused the emotions in the youth in the right direction. (Not like the ones I have expressed above). The film infact vented the feeling of the youth towards voicing their concerns. The much popular film has been a hit all over the country more specifically in the urban centers and generally all over India.

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