Gross Domestic Happiness

Sustainable development, restricted TV channels, and a king wanting to abdicate himself voluntarily (unlike the rude counterpart in nepal) and handover his powers to his subjects. Have you ever heard of such things (atleast I haven’t) but its true and its here in Asia that such things are possible unbelieveably possible.

Bhutan the landlocked himalayan kingdom stands testimony to sweeping changes but not those economic driven (so called modernity aping the west / east / whatever). The people are contented and live with happiness and above all their scale of development is not GDP but GDH (Gross domestic happiness).


Talk to the villagers of Tempakha about the Bhutanese government’s policy of preferring gross national happiness to gross domestic product (GDP), and they are all in favour.

If the government wants them to be happy, that’s fine by them.

The land is fertile, and they can grow two rice crops a year, plus chillies, tomatoes, beans and aubergines.

Bhutan is an anachronism in a world now dominated by economic globalisation.

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