Oh ! Mother Earth !

Atleast thats what I felt (atleast once oin a year, ie today) the world environment day atkeast reminds me of the mother nature. Of late for atleast a month I have been making frequent visits to the doctors & their clinics (some speciality & some super others multi) the reason thats lying low and is not mentioned for the most of the cases is ofcourse the pollution, the odd working hours and the predominantly modern (mind u Iam not against modernity or technology) world but my focus would rather be Sustainability. For example projects like that of Auroville an international township in India striving for sustainable means of living and technologies should become the focus of science rather than destructive. For a close look at Auroville project access them at their website atleast I have been theree first hand.

The heaps of e-wastes, non-degradable dumps depleting ozone layers and a hell lot of confusing jargon and technical words. But thats ok atleast I understand the intensity of the problem (that’s why I have stopped using plastic carry bags and synthetic dress materials, refrigerators and etc) so jargon really doesnt matter its ur heart and thge will to save the mother earth that really counts.

The WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY can be celebrated this way says world environment day 2006. And now before I wish you a Happy peaceful Earth try some of these greetings.

One thought on “Oh ! Mother Earth !

  1. Anonymous

    hmmm…WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY.I appreciate ur care towards environment(stopped using palstic carry bags…….).I really hate people throwing papers and splitting on the roads,even it counts a lot for environment damage.Though i cant stop people from doing that,atleast i could keep away myself and my friends from doing that.Anyways brother HAPPY HAPPY ENVIRONMENT DAY.

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