200 years of celebration :Secunderbad

oNE FINE DAY I was on road travelling to secunderabad and was feeling some sort of a difference. New invitating welcome arches, flagged MCH decors on the traffick islands seems like the city is beng painted blue.

Parties were hosted and three cheers to the all new 200 year old  Secunderabad. Hyderabad while is represented and iconed by the Chrminar stands a testimony to the old times royal while its counterpart the Secunderabad (an earlier cantonment of the British troops) has grown out to carve a niche for itself. The Twin cities (as they are known) now are inseperable (though they are seperated by the TANK BUND / Hussain Sagar). There used to be a total of over 400 Tanks, like in most of the cities Hyderabad lost its tanks to the land mafias or the encroachers.

Now comming to the celebration of the Glory of Secunderabad include painting competitions to the kids to the paintings depicted in various styles by eminent artists to the Photography exhibitions, to the Military display to the vintage car rallies to short films to musical nites and gala events. Heres a brief history of the city.

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