Empowering the masses with Freedom of information Act India


This is some sort of a new trend thats evolving might be world over. First it was the Citizen reporters, then it has moved on to the Right to Information act. I literally ignored when I have read something like this on the UK Freedom of Information Blog.  BBC blogs also sports the cause for the right to information act. Now its the Peoples choice to know information about whatever they choose to know. With a title of the Open Secrets BBC’s Martin Rosenbaum
deals with the Freedom of Information Act (FOI).

Last night I was with my li’l friends (a group of Li’l soldiers u might b puzzled to find them devils at times angels too and ofcourse naturally monkeys at times). It was a normal chat after the tintilating movie NARNIYA (believe me its fun to watch it with kids). Soon after the movie one after the other fell asleep and we were left with Haru(Engine oil/ subbamma),  Abhishek (Rambo the gr8) and myself. And we strode upon topic after topic from the cute girl in the movie (the kid Lucy) to the responsibilities taken up by the kids in the film to the personality development and atlast ended up at the Information flow and the responsibility of citizens thats how today I write this piece. Thank you li’l Soldiers.

I was reading a couple of pieces from some news sites and was puzzled by their writing off the Official Secrets act. And I started wondering has the society grown so much matured or are we being so stupid to open up everything. No now Dont get me wrong. Iam no proponent of the Official Secrets act nor am I an agent for the lobby against transperancy in governance. But there still seems to be certain veil of secrecy utterly necessitated by the ENEMY states and elements both within and without. While i was researching for the same I came across an extensive pro RTI (or FOI ) act in a site that I am a reggular vistor of. The site run by a Voluntary agency India Together has an extensive article databasse on it.

RIGHT TO INFO RTINow before i move on let me add yet another GOI Site.

 Now the CNN IBN channel has brought out some thing on similar lines to the BBC’s website. The freedom of Information act copy can be found at the GOI site.

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