world refugees day

Wondering what the picture means to Refugees. Infact as i see it, it means a lot. If u have ever heard of Steve Mc Curry and his quest to rediscover a 12 year girl who he had clicked a couple of decades ago it would tell you a whole new story about that.

An article in the National Geographic claims….
BUT THE MOST VISIBLE effect of the war has been the flight of the Afghan people, a multilingual population of mixed tribes and ethnic groups, from their homeland. One-quarter of Afghanistan’s prewar population of about 15 million has been forced into exile in neighboring Pakistan and Iran. At least another million are “internal refugees,” driven from their homes by bombing and other military action. An unknown number have been killed or wounded.

And there are on an average 20 and odd million refugees world over and an equalent number of them internally displaced due to various reasons ranging from developmental projects, natural calamities, internal disturbances and so on. The latest being the disturbances in darfur.

I was also moved by a set of internally displaced people whom no one cares to atleast mention. They are tagged as Kashmiri Pandits and their origin yes u guessed it right Kashmir one of the most beautiful places on earth. I was lucky to be there but pained to see the displaced families on the roads of Delhi, jammu and many more places. All of them had a house a wonderful place to live in in Kashmir but the militancy and seperatism in the garb of the “Jihad” or Islamic religious fundamentalism has robbed them of their sweet homes.

When everything that is u is snatched away.When no there is no one around in the neighbourhood to lend u shelter, you are at once all alone in this world and have to seek refuge in some alien land u know nothin about, oh what a lonesome feeling,a Refugee ! Today is the day when one ,one who is sensitive enough, to feel,sympathize with all those millions of people who have walked that tiresome journey. Its not surprising to know that most of the conflicts in the world have their roots in our incapacity to look from deep within our hearts and address the terrible fact , Refugee. The attrocities faced by the refugees due to wars dating back to Crusades ,the World Wars, Israel -Palestina conflicts,the Indo – Pak separation ,the Post USSR era are never ending.No wonder even the mother nature had its hand in creating refugees out of their peaceful lives.

Im not saying that a refugee is a problem but its a fact.This day should be a day of awakening and should lead us into the future where a refugee existed only in the past and World Refugee day would be a celebration of humantiy’s success in making the “Refugee” extinct.

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