Entry for June 30, 2006

Was watching CNN IBN a couple of days ago and there was the devil…
Hey, u look a bit plumped up (Rajdeeps money ?) but nice pieces. What was that one that I was watching ??? hhmmm yeah it was on some cooking thing but I really cant recollect the names. But nice one shwetal. keep up

And Gayathry I was watching todays DD NEWS (I know i missed the earlier one Though u called up, piece on Children adoption scam in mumbai) but today hey man u have done some Politicking. Gud (U feeling like P sainath.. infact used a couple of his reggulars.) the story on politicks of human disasters as well as the child traficking being politicised by the ruling and the opposition parties is good. The other one on Child Traficking workshop held in Mumbai is also ok. But don u think they are a bit over pronounciated and the english is going beyond the readers heads!? Try thinking…

And have you seen our senior Rachana Rathi at rrathi@courant.com on http://www.courant.com she works for the and heres her stories online

Keep posting ur programs if ever they come on TV and also let us know ? U HAVE ALL THE MOB nos’ dont u ?

All the very best…

By the way i am leaving for Guwhati for a docu and Research trip on Folk lore in the North east.

Catch u later ie; 14th July or later
will let u know my mobile no once i reach there….

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