The farmers sorrow floods PM into Vidarbha

Last night I was watching CNN-IBN and Its been a shock of the sorts for me to find a lively discussion on FARMERS SUICIDES going on in their studios (India 360 by Sagarika Ghosh) and as soon as I have switched over to another English news channel (ones considered premier and leading) NDTV they too were talking about Farmers Suicides in their studios (X Factor by Srinivasan Jain) and then followed the Print media (all this just because the PM is visisting and not that the farmers are dying)

It has been ages, for those bereaved families who have been victimised due to Globalisation 4,100 of them only in the western state of Maharashtra (Mumbai is situated here). The administration had time to move after all these deaths. Now what is left is widowed women orphaned children taking over the debts left over by their family heads.

The Corporatisation of aggriculture has done little good to the farmers, Thanks to the Green revolution which has ushered some hope and confidence into the already backbroken farmers of India. Technology which came handy then began to show its true colors after the 1960’s . The burdening investment costs, the sweeping fast changes that brought in BT and the likes which became suicidal instead of strengthening the farmers. Then came an era when the labour became a costly one with migration of the manpower from villages to the urban centers (where again slums came up).

The southern states (Andhra leading, while Karnataka, kerala are not left behind nor are the northern states of Punjab, rajastan, haryana nor is the central indian state Madhya pradesh) have been competing and the govt playing (juggling) with the statistics . It has hiked the figures in the report submitted to the World bank and other multi lateral funding agencies (After all the begging bowl needs to fill the govts coffers) and when it comes to presenting them in projecting its own image (irrespective of the Govt at center current UPA as well as the former NDA) it has cut down the figures to over a half. After all the politics of begging bowl have forgotten the dead even before their corpses have been nailed in the coffins (oh ! sorry in India we dont nail the coffins we have secular means) .

Thats just one glimpse of the gravity of the situation.


And the poor Prime Minister listens in Rapt attention

Moneylender MLA says I’m clean, facts show the opposite

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