Protest against Censorship of the web

The Indian Govt’s decision (premature foolish and childish) to ban internet sites on the pretext that they are capable of creating law and order problems is deplorable.

Atleast blogs which have a wide following and bloggers known for the Freedom of expression have rallied well to put pressure on the GOI to step back (though they haven’t released the Geocities and certain other sites).  Iam not a puritant to say that everything and anything shud be let go  even if it means destruction to the society, what I understand by freedom is personal restraint. and if that is lacking there shud b a certain amount of control not hegemony based but with responsibility.

Look at the scenario now the World is against the decision as well as has developed alternate ways to circumvent the censorship (if any). Look at the wiki site which shouts on top of its voice against censorship. Or the RSF which has a list of circumventing tips and tools.

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