About veeru

About Hi, I am veeru (veeraiah chowdary)…. ofcourse from India. Rural India, a place, located on the eastern coast of a southern state, Confusing ! ok let me make it simple. Its Andhra pradesh, if you can recollect of the Hi fi CEO like Chief minister Mr Naidu belongs to. The village Inkollu is some 14 Km to east coast Bay of Bengal.

Have a diverse list of hobbies and tastes from radio Dxing to travelling to Volunteering to browsing and reading. And Nostalgia is the one word that can tie me up. Love the mountains, forests and oceans and what not, anything and everything under the sky and beyond.

I have the most hopping career be it education or job profile. My Edu, Jobs and pojects handled etc are all so diverse and in a way, ways apart. I have a Bachelors in Computers, then to Business administration to Journalism. If thats not convincing look at my Jobs, first worked for Seva Bharathi as a fulltime volunteer managing their information systems and building up their Information database, later jumped to another volunteering job with an ILO funded organisation called Seeds men association from there moved ahead to managing an online news mag cnvi and from there now into Journalism. Here’s my Profile. My hobbies tops with Love for travelling n clicking pix, as well as writing things i love.

Please look around and please feel free to write to me. I have tried to put my works, pix, hobbies, likes n dislikes. In short this would be not exactly me but my reflections at various points of life.

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