NOSTALGIA Doesn’t the past look beautiful, one reason might be, that its gone and over. But The Best is Yet to Come.

Thats how I cherish each and every part of life. Thats why Nostalgia has a special place in my life. To that matter anybody’s life. Childhood: Its the most precious part of anybody’s persona, infact pschologists say it moulds the persons life character & attitude.

My childhood has been in a small village, Inkollu, Prakasham Dist of Andhra Pradesh, India. The village, no it was more of a town than a village. It was the commercial hub of the surrounding villages and Mandal / block headquarters. Its a dry village / should i say Town, in the sense that there was routine things not much of a change. It had all the wonderful things a village had, green farms, traditional celebrations and practices, affectionate citizens, wonderful as well as colourful fairs. I stayed here until my 10th standard, ofcourse my school Prakasham Public School. The first English medium CBSE School of the mandal / block. Its wonderful to reminisce the way villagers treated us. Since we were the only people dressed like westerners with tie, shoes and belt shirts tucked in we had a special treatment. we were often lifted to the school by a bullock cart / bicycle or any passerby with a vehicle.

Those wonderful years of my 10th Class Board Exams, my 10+1 and 10+2 / Intermediate in Ongole the district headquarters, my graduation at Sadineni Chowdaraiah College of Arts and Science at Maddirala, Guntur Dist, my Post graduation MBA, in Hyderabad, my Work at
Seva Bharathi, there after my wonderful 1 year at bangalore at sscms, each moment is so wonderful that I cant forget.

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