Was a wonderful travelling

It was a wonderful drive all along with sree and suguna in a small cute Maruthi 800 car. A drive thats over 100 km from Hyderabad. It was a wonderful day. As is the case most of the times when I travel. This time around I was on the move only in Andhra Pradesh. The state has been seeing huge rainfall of late. The Rainfall has been causing both smiles and wails.

For people like me who love the rain (I also love the famous RAINDROPS KEEP FALLING ON MY ….) it has been a poetic journey all over. According to the Hindu calender this month is the auspicious Shravana and most of the marriages and all auspicious activities like buying new things and entering into new houses are performed in this  month. There are a couple of other months like the next month which is Bhadrapada and another one the Kartheeka which are also auspicious but this year they are not. There is some sort of a MOODDA (evil spirit) that is bad omen.

Medak is one of the districts and my friend Srikanth is from this particular place theres a wonderful Cathedral here (HQ of the Church of South India) and I have been to this place to attend a couple of ceremonies marriages and house warming. As i have written a couple of times on the MODUGA leaves (which are found plenty here) it was wonderful eating in the leaves (its considered an auspicious thing to eat in the leaves which are stiched together to make a plate). The taste of the food and the healthy nature (herbal nature of the leaf) make it an ideal choice.

 The first time i visited the place I was dumbstruck by the bounty of the temples (theres no architecture and sculpture the location of the temples is awesome). Theres one temple at which u need to crawl in to to have a darshan (holy visit of the main Idol) of the Lord, its such an adventurous feeling ()Its believed that any and everybody dont worry of ur size will fit in this narrow crack of the mountain). Then theres the temple which has the hanuman with 5 heads called Panchamukha Hanuman which is believed to have formed naturally and no sculpture has ever carved it in response to the Nizam of Hyderabad’s warning that if at all the brahmins cannot show their Gods’ existance they shall be masacred.

Then theres this place called the YEDUPAYALU. A place where the river Manjeera splits in to seven streamlets (theres a temple at the begining of the one stream and the stream joins after splitting into seven streamlets after the temple making it an island). This river is the only source of drinking water for the twin cities of Hyderabad and secunderabad.


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