The Blog reading mania

Yup, Thats what Iam going thru. A lot of wonderful material on the 360’s. Raghus dairies full of English phonetic lessons (believe me its wierdly interesting) earlier the posts were exclusively on fun and some amount of dry wit. Raghu’s been doing really wonderful with the posts of late.
Bikramjit Sandhu’s jokes (some of really funny stuff here atleast the past 4 posts) Thank you paaji for that wonderful rib tickling lines (I dont know from where you them up but they are truly awesome stuff.). The best of Bikramjit.

Jims posts on dalai lama (the return of dalai to mongolia despite Chinese threats) jim has a taste for the nature its beauty and bonty as well as the current happenings. This time around when he posted the Dalai lama’s visit despite the threat to the apostle’s life in Mongolia  I was  truly whole heartedly  bowing down in appreciation of the news item. A rare news item which made me  feel proud of the dalai lama. Jim Normally prefers to write on Nature and the flora and fauna as well as the Japanese History.

Suzy Girl posts some thing thats unexpected and I would be dying to read this variety the diversity. The one day she would be putting in something on some phonetics and the other day she would be writing down anectodes of survival, the next would be the turn of poetic expression and so on and so forth.

Jay This is one guy who is senti (no hurt meant) Truly loving creature and doctor truly at heart, his caring posts touches the hearts of the readers and the patients too I suppose.

carli girls posts on an interesting life and habbits make real wonderful stuff. The kiddies

Steevie ray  has a poetic expression which drags me to the blog. One of the few blogs that i am reggular to.

Savourfare A blog that makes u feel the difference only once in a while.

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