Temples and the Folklore attached

I have always been very interested in digging out info from the bygone era. The history as some would like to call and I would like to call it Folklore. Folklore coz, its nobody’s version or the underdogs version not of those who won n who lost (as somebody said Whats history the Winners version of what happened) but I would like to see it as it is being unravelled. This is and might be  partial no history to that matter is perfect nor can ever be.

The Folklore that I would from now on mix up in my posts is a variety of blending incidentas with peoples beliefs and preferably straight from their mouth.

I have tried as a matter of fact in my earlier posts to do the smae unintentionally but now on it shall be there for all of us to see. Iam looking forward to see how it works fingers crossed. At the same time I wouldnt like to record some historical data as such Folklore is something lively and vibrant.

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