Innovation nobody’s patent

The Innovation  wave with limited resources is sweeping the rural Indian mindscape. Its proven time and again that no barriers what so ever can stop the human mind from innovation, the creative juices are active irrespective of cast, creed, nationality, geographical location.

A bicycle that can peddle both on water and the road, a motorcycle used to pump out water from deep wells and a cellphone that can switch on electrical appliances within a specific radius!

And the story doesnt end here theres more to it than innovation. Somebody is ken in promoting and chronicling the rural innovations if u wanna call it that way (An innovation is an innovation irrespective of where, what, why, who, how). And the support from the common man to the common man’s innovation is encouraging.

There are incubating agencies that nurture the GRASSROOT innovations (as they are formally coined) like the Honey bee Network, the National Innovation foundation and so on and so forth.

Anil Gupta of the Indian Institute of Management, who has taken upon himself to collect and collate such traditional information scattered all over the country under his Honey Bee network.

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