Nepals mother of protests

“I can make a difference”

Dont you think so, Atleast after looking at this elederly lady a comparitively small figure. She just used to participate in every protest and vowed not to go back home until the king is dragged down infact stripped down of his anarchial powers.

I recollect the Special series by Christiana Amanpour on CNN (simulteniously broadcast on CNN IBN  a sister network) of the So called dreadful Bin laden. So called coz I dont really think hes that capable media and the US have conspiciously hiked / hyped the poor creature. I what amanpour calls a first of its kind series named ” In the Footsteps of Osama” (Iam afraid why in the foot steps) she discovers and reveals that Osama was  a relatively poor IQed and less energetic fearing cowardly boy who miraculously grew to be the most dreaded leader of our times. And its strange how a relatively frail framed individual with no leadership whatseoever qualities rose up to the top of the worlds notoriority.

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