Controversy out of Nothing

yThe VANDE MATARAM a salutation to the mother land has become a source of Controversy. Its this freedom cry during India’s freedom Movement against the British thats now taking brickbats. It all started with the Current Union minister for Human resources circulating a compulsive notice and then trying to revert (common practice among politicians) when opposed by a Brats ofcourse belonging to Muslim faith that the controvorsey loomed larger. Freedom movement had an altogether different tone with the shouting of VANDE (hail) Mataram (the motherland).

While a Muslim has popularised the song AR Rahman the Indian voice known world over for his music I wonder what problem does others have ? and are they more Islamic than our very own Kalamji who sings the song. And the Song is top 2 of the Worlds top 10 BBC poll. The song has had the support from all quarters until a frail voice from miscreants who try to maintain the divide between Islam -Hindus came out to protest. Its good that theres been a debate on the issue and the Vande Mataram the inspiration of all those millions will remain the same.


Vande Mataram film in 10 languages

Muslim boy defies Vande Mataram fatwa

Indian song strikes chord with pupils

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