centenary of satyagraha

While the world brewes on the bruises of 9/11 Indai commemorates its peace Icon. Actually there are a couple of things important for India happened on the very same Notorious (for the west) day.

1) The commemoration of Satyagrahas centenary.

2) The Comemoration of Swamy vivekananda’s brotherhood proclaimation in Chicago on the very same day (parliament of religions).

An old man half naked walking with a stick in hand whatelse can u expect of such a being. But no Stop heres one example that inspires everybody and changed everything. Including the “Sun will never set on the British Empire” which shook shivered and trembled before what they conidered a FAKIR (poor old alms seeker).

YEah this is the centenery year of the Satyagraha, a weapon that stood for non-violent protest. A very own Indian weapon more deadly than any WMD that bush considers dangerous. Would you like to try ?

And strangely enough the youth which is considered to be fast paced and speed savvy is turning to it. A latest movie “Lage raho Munna Bhai” a comical dosed with Gandhiji’s preachings (No dont conclude it to be a boring stuff) has proved the trade pundits wrong. Actually in the movie the Protagonist a small time goon in the Mumbai city encounters a strange situation wherein he needs to answer a quiz on Gandhi (popularly known as Baapu meaning Father) and then the goon has no where to go but the Gandhi Library. Thats where the encounter of the two opposite poles starts tickling ur ribs.

And look heres the Gong the peace Gong another bloody effort to make Gandhi iconery and stupid personality cult.

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