I was tagged long back but u know ………


1. Adventurous

2. Loyal

3. Confident

4. Smiling

5. Nostalgic

6. energetic

7. Talkative


1. My Favorite color is : Sky Blue

2. My Favorite number is : Do not have one.

3. My Biggest achievement : Looking Forward for one

4. My birth month is : June

5. My Favorite hobby : Clicking Pix

6. My dream car : Not one

7. My favorite fruit is : Guava

1) 5 books I can read over and over again :

None of them actually .. I read once

2) 5 songs I love :

Not really The songs change every time I listen and everytime a new song pops up

3) 5 things I can cook well:

None actually
but sure can eat well (not too sure 2)

4) 5 places I have been on vacation:

Haflong in Assam


Udipi Karnataka

Konaseema in Andhra

Kollam and allazhi in Kerala

5) 5 countries I would love to visit:

and Antartica.

6) 5 good friends I have had:

mmm no cant name the list is too long

7) 5 blogfriends I love to visit:



Carli girl



Stevie Ray

8) 5 movies I can watch over and over again:

Mayabazar (Telugu) i have already seen this more than 20-30 times, still longing to see.
One Fine Day
Missamma (Telugu)

Forest Gump

Mrs Doubtfire

and can i add another 500 to this, pleeeeeese 😉

9) 5 memories I always have :

The day I Left my village first to Join +2
My being selected for the District Football team
Me being Nicknamed Sadhu in +2
My First Poem on India
My Stay in bangalore with Journalism Collegues

10) 5 things I love :

My Camera, TV, My computer, My collection of CDs and books.

11) 5 things in my purse/Handbang:

Scrappy collection of Visiting cards (most of whom I never meet and know)
Citibank card (can’t live without this while travelling).
My� Media Card (god its my license to go everywhere)
scribbled paper pieces with phone nos (Gosh will have to search my friends Mobile no)
Last but not the least some cash.

12) 5 things I love to do:

Blog, Play in the rain, Travel, Listen to friends (Lots of this thing happens around and they are growing), Click Pix

13) 5 websites I visit:

Truth out


360 Yahoo (Of course!)

Mail sites

And the list goes on and on and on

14) 5 kinds of people I avoid :

Lazy bums, Singers, Story tellers, Weepers (mmm didnt get that those who cry for the next chance of it), Friends who approach for and when only they have some work.

15) 5 dreams I have :

Transform the world to a green happy planet
Work for something like BBC, NGC
Fly across the world like a free bird.(No crash landings please)
Work hard so that I can sleep sound

Meet all my old friends atleast once in a day 🙂

16) 5 words I love :

Nostalgia, Dreams, Celebration, Platonic, Hilarious

17) 5 fears I have:

My biggest fear is keeping all fears within, I cannot express them even though i talk much.

18) 5 girl names I love:

(Thats only visible to good ones)

19 ) 5 boy names I love:

(doesnt really matter)

20) 5 things I appreciate (not love) about myself:

Smiling, Talking, Collecting, Wandering, Befriending

21) 5 things I could change about world :

See 15#

5 things I could change about myself:

Late nights, my Emotions, Loud laughing, spending money, over indulging in others affairs,�

Here’s the next 5 who are tagged by me:

Why only 5, I would like to tag all the people who visit my Blog.

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