India from a donation reciepent to a Major donor

I have always been wondering why a large country like India full of Natural resources and agricultural production that can be over surplus needs external debts and donation ? Its been pretty sick feeling to be in a reciepents place and at the recieving end (I have just finished reading The confessions of an economic hitman).  And India has grown from a menial aid recieving country to a major (15th major donor to the WFP) a role that befits Indias status in the South asian region. Especially the Afghanistan and in general in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Myanmar.

I still remember the words of my Grand pa who used to say that India was on its knees and craving for a consignment of wheat  that will arrive from the US  every week. Don know the exact  detail but wud understand the urgency of food security to any country.



And I wish India doesnt derive such satanic pleasures and wealths from its reciepent countries. As John Perkins confesses that he was bribed legally not to continue with the writings rather his confessions.

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