The worst movie ever

Was feeling badly out of place and wanted to watch some nice movie and spend some quality time in a theatre but as things would always go wrong with me, I ended up in a worst plagiarism scripted movie (a copy of the Indiana Jones Treasure hunt) that I have ever been to.  The Naksha (the Map) is one movie you will hate to watch in your wildest of the dreams.

Ofcourse there were a couple of things that I liked about the movie watching experience amidst the boring wierd things on the screen. I was able to get back in to nostalgia with the  News reel which used to be played some dacades ago. A newsreel that depicts the achievements of the current govt and mind you halfway into the newsreel was the mention of the Congress (the ruling govt) and its chief late Indira Gandhi, and that was where the hilarious comments from behind my seat started. One would Shout asking if shes still alive and the other would say yaar shes killed by a suicide bomber (in reality she was killed by her own Bodyguards). And mind you all this on a woman who has been voted as the most populous of her times and still (more than the Father of the nation Mahatama Gandhi).

I was curious to look at these youngsters but that would not be untill the  intermission time. And they were software professionals. Its so heartening to find them well educated atleast and still dont know their immediate history. Thats alright ! Thast how we are.

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