I dont quite like the feeling of Homosexuality… err

Yup thats what I feel like when I was reading in todays newspapers on the OPEN LETTER by the so called concerned citizens on the Gay rights. Well its kind of a private matter to be what ones sexuality is, at the same time I Personally think that the nature (will make it comfortable by not bringing in GOD) has given a way of making things, You can try things differently but not go against it. And Homosexuality or whatever you call it I dont know how that can perpetuate the efforts of the campaign against AIDS. Ssurely India which has a traditional and very strict I will call it healthy sexual preferances has nothing to loose from the Article 377 which makes criminality out of the Homosexuals. The other most important thing is a bunch of fundamentalistic wierd perverts (I always thought them that way) are hijacking healthy space in the media towards something that is not so important.

It would also be worthwhile to express my anguish over aftermmath reactions of Islamic fundamentalists of the pope’s comments. And What is there Look at the latest Expose of an Indian TV channel that caught them Issuing Fatwas on anything for some change.

And thats what has come up on us the Homosapiens when we call for genetically modified and the clonings (scientifically advancement for the gud of the humans is ok and beyond it is I quite cant figure it out if its helping, well) or the Environmental degradations. I was also a bit nervous on this piece of news which says that the Arctic ice is melting and its the turn of the Antarctic’s next and we just have some 10 years thats a decade to act fast. And how without a common opinion and differing on issues like the Kyoto protocol.

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