The rains Incesant rains all over

It was rains and rains all around here. And its raining rumours too with the French news paper declaring the Bad bad boy (for the US might be feeling a bit happy and a bit of sad now that they have none to show the world) Osama dead due to typhoid. Now that I have started the rains as a topic I will also share with you  my experience of an All souls day that we celebrate here in India, its called the peddala amavaasya.

I was accompanying my friend Shiva to Mahaboobnagar district (his native place) for the Peddala Amavasya. During this month according to the Hindu calender the month of Ashwayuj its observed uptill the new moon day ie, 15 days of mourning (not at a stretch but suiting your own convinience) and its wonderful tradition of remembering all your loved ones from ur friends to the relations.

In this part of the world, the Southern India especially the north Andhra Pradesh has been experiencing severe rains ousting several inhabitants from their livelihoods.

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