The shashi Tharoor Ordeal

The Shashi Tharoor Ordeal as i would prefer to be called after his unceremonous but brave bow out of the race. The man i admired the most has a frighteningly ameturish campaign right from the word GO, it was faltering all the way. From excluding the opinions of top Foreign office babus (beurocrats as they are called in India) to the India’s UN mission and the US mission as well.

The Government faltered by throwing its weight behind Mr Tharoor knowing the fact that he was considered very close to Mr Annan as well as an insider (Mr Annan himself set an example for the US to hate to see any insider) as also his views on certain reforms to the UN. The jumping and celebration would have been a it saddled and thought over with cool mind. As Mr Parthasarathy writes in the Daily Pioneer …

Across the world, the word will go around that when push came to shove the Americans preferred to back a traditional ally, rather than a country they claim is a new found “strategic partner”. And it will be noted that the Americans have had intensive backroom consultation with the Chinese on this issue, much to the embarrassment of India.

And the commentary on the same by Mr Chinmaya Gharekhan is all praise for the efforts of the Indian Govt and MR Tharoor. While everybody was sure that the UN Diplomat would bow out of the race everybody was guessing when. All the straw polls gave a clear message the  clear message from the US that Tehy would like to see someone from the east asia to head the World body wasnt quite read or rather ignored by the Tharoor camp.

The rediff an online news paper writes

If his candidature was projected as India’s offer to the world as the best candidate it had, without making it appear as though India had a great stake in his success, Tharoor’s performance in the elections would have come more as a welcome surprise rather than as a disappointing setback. India rose solidly to support him, but it did not have even one vote.

Happily, the Tharoor candidature will have no adverse impact either on India’s aspiration to become a permanent member or on India’s relations with the United States. On the other hand, the race has demonstrated India’s potential as a major player in any arena. As for Tharoor himself, with his added stature as the runner-up to the highest position in the United Nations, the sky is the limit, whether he stays in the UN or not.

The rediff seems to have covered it all very well.While the INDIAN MUSLIM rightly points out that

The verdict Monday also glaringly underscored that in the high-stakes game of international diplomacy, India’s clout is limited and much less than what is often projected.

In some ways Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had staked his personal prestige on the line by campaigning for Tharoor only to find that New Delhi still falls way short of impressing the movers and shakers at the United Nations. If the poll is any indication India will have to rethink its strategy for the position of permanent membership of the UNSC.

Although purely in statistical terms Tharoor’s performance was not all that bad considering he was a late arrival on the scene, it highlighted the limits of New Delhi’s powers

As Robert Frost says

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.

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