The Outer ring Road and the hawk affected poor peasants

Its a Local issue but its everywhere, Exploiting the poor and the vulnerable. iam talking of the Current broil over the ORR (Outer Ring road) in Hyderabad. Its a visionary dsign by the then CM Chandrababu Naidu (I am not of any party / color) and it only went on to benefit the rich and mighty first in the form of tenders and then in the form of the Change in alignment to benefit a few powerful and influential.

Come on i will give you a break. i know u might be wanting to bang ur head or mine if I happen to be in ur reach. the issue as I SAID is about the ORR a projct designed to relieve the traffic snalrs and better management of the urban infrastructure. So the Project comes up as a beneft to the whole urban landscape benefiting all its inhabbitants. Now the problem crept in in the form of Beaurocrats and some filthy politcians who influenced the urban administrative body huda and its engineers so that their land wouldnt be lost for the project but on the other hand their lands price shoots up (obviously when a highway passes by ur land ur real estate price shoots up).

The 162 km long ORR circling the city from Gachibowli to Shamshabad, Narsingi to Patancheru and from there to Shamshabad was envisaged to decongest traffic flow and provide quicker access to all parts of the city.

The Moscow-based Russian Company Corporation Transstroy is working on package I, 11-km eight lane road from Gachibowli to APPA at a cost of Rs. 219.74 crores. The second package, 13.3 km from APPA to Tondupally beyond Shamshabad, at a cost of Rs. 295 crores, is being executed by the Taiwanese firm Continental Engineering Corporation.

Thats not all the big sharks made it a point to grab the small peasants life time earnig and bed n butter after they
came to know of the project they suppressed the news and bought the lands at throw away prices. and its no 
distinction for which party the sharks belong to. after all they are sharks dangerous…..and now everybody 
wants to cash in on the Scam all the parties have formed a combined front.

Real estate prices in the Indian city of Hyderabad are booming. In prime areas, apartments are selling for anywhere from Rs. 2,800 ($61) to Rs. 3,500 ($76) per sq.ft. According to one real estate source, prices have increased by 10% every week for the last three months.

With more than 6.1 million people, Hyderabad is India’s 6th largest metropolis and the 40th largest metropolitan area in the world.

The city is to see major infrastructure projects including an Outer Ring Road, an elevated expressway from the airport to the city, a new bus terminal and two new townships. The Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (HUDA) plans to develop these projects on a private-public partnership basis.

The city is also to see work on a new metro beginning by end of the year or early 2007. The first phase will be 66-km long and is targeted for completion in 2010.

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