Yesterday I was browsing the TV and stumbled on this hero

Yesterday I was lazily browsing the channels on my TV and bumped into a local News channel which was saying something that captured my attention. Gonds are one class of tribals that stand apart in India. Known for their cultural traditions and wonderful valour this tribe hasnt trekked the development and modern track as much as others. And the Report has something to do with this tribe (obviously a journo and that too with a tinge of Folk inquisitiveness I jammed my brain to look into this report). The Gussadi dance was the first thing that came to my mind and then the visit we made on a Gussadi sammelan way back in 2001 to Adilabad district as a awareness drive. The Gonds had forgotten their tribal hero KOMARAM BHEEM.

The report says that Yesterday that is 7th of Oct is the 66th anniversary of tribal martyr Komram Bheem, of a TRibal folk leader Komaram Bheem. Bheem was a tribal from Gond Community in the Northern Andhra Pradesh and he fought the feudal Nizam as well as the British in various encounters that terrorised them and mind u with just a Bow n arrow, ofcourse there are reports that say he fled to Assam the North eastern state to learn Bomb making only to return and fight his enemies who have been squeezing the blood and the flesh of his men. They robed the tribals right on forests. The valour and courage of the Gonds is well known so Komaram bheem is no exception.

During the Nizam’s rule, they did not have any right on the produce of their lands, neither to enjoy nor sell. The leader Komaram Bheem started an army and fought
for land rights of the tribals. He lost his life during this struggle but his protest brought home to the Nizam and later the Government of India the need to give the tribals their rights.

Hemen Darf, an anthropologist from Germany, researched the issue of tribal rights and recommended to the Nizam’s Government that it start an exclusive tribal welfare society.

Courtesy Nirmalcity online

In 1860 revolt existed against The British. In Adilabad district, the Rohilas & Gonds under Ramji Gond’s leadership revolted The British, which was suppressed by the then administrators at Nirmal. Komram Bhimu a tribal led the struggle against Nizam govt. organized the tribals, brought awareness among them about their rights and fought for their rights through guerilla wars in agency areas. The fight lasted till Komran Bhimu was killed in 1940. In the history of Adilabad Komram Bhimu has a unique place for spear – heading the struggle against the then Govt.In commemoration of Komram Bhimu Jathra is being held at Jodeghat and Babejhari areas on full moon day of Ashwiyuja Month Every year.

Heres a collection of Komaram Bheem Songs the Folk songs that worship the great freedom fighter. To Extend the Folk connection the Gonds consider themselves hiers of the Legendary Bheemasen and Hidimbasura of the Puranic Epic Mahabharatha. Mahabharatha is one great epic which is longer than the two greatest epics Odyssey and my God I forget this everytime I read…….

Iam Sorry that Icouldnt trace the pix I clicked during my visit to the place Iam also sorry that I couldnt trace the pix of KOMARAM BHEEM either on the net / web. Will do so soon and post them here.

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