The Dussehra Farewell in Kulu ::: A grand rural festivity

This Indian festival a primary agrarian festival (just like the Bathukamma festival of the western AP) Dussehra too has various varients all over the country. Like in this part of the country Kullu (Himachal pradesh) where the festival starts when the festival concludes in all other parts of the country.

Theres this interesting folk tale that narrates why all the 200 odd idols assemble at the Raghunathjee mandir in Kullu in procession.

The dieties over 200 of them are taken in procession in a colorful manner to all over the villages neighboring. The local people are said to be worried of the security of the Dieties bejewelled with kilos of Gold and other precious stones. The Indian govt now wants to market India after the BPO, the Travel destination, Exotic foods, the Ayurveda and the health tourism is the Festivity Tourism. Like u remember the Navrathra in Gujarat is now a huge crowd puller from abroad. The rural mFolk festivities can now generate some revenue while they are by themselves a community affair as well as the binding force in the Indian context. We have 1000’s of such festivities all over India.

The one thing that iam proud of is the social angle that is dawning Indian Festivities.
Dozens of processions journeyed along the highway over the next few days.
The Dussehra Festival in the Kullu Valley is over now, and the local gods begin their journey homeward. For more such exclusive pictures click here to visit the IGNCA webpage.

Read this from Expressindia

Dussehra begins in Kullu when it ends elsewhere
Manali, October 2: THE seven-day Kullu Dussehra begins today when the celebration ends in other parts of the country. Unlike the rest of the country, no effigy of Ravan or anyone else is burnt here. The history of Kullu Dussehra dates back to the 17th century when the local king Jaganand installed an idol of Raghunath on his throne as a mark of penance. After this, Raghunath came to be known as the ruling deity of the valley.

Monster and Critics

Shimla, Oct 6 (IANS) As the devout in Himachal Pradesh’s scenic Kullu valley get ready to take their bejewelled deities in palanquins for the annual festival on the banks of the Beas river, security concerns worry them.

About 200 devtas (village deities) gather for the meeting at a sprawling meadow in the midst of Kullu town, about 200 km from here, for a week. The weeklong fest – Kullu Dussehra – begins a day after Dussehra ends in the country.

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