Banning something without an action plan or alternatives

I have been a sad person after the Govt’s ban on an issue like child labour in a rather hurried way. I speak this as a person who has worked for the cause for over an year and after as an activist with knowledge and support in whatever small it may be but worried about the consequences.

BACK BREAKING: Forced labor is sometimes used for work like this in Multan, Pakistan, where women earn $2 for 1,000 bricks. If they are debt laborers, their pay can never meet the debt owed.

The 13 crore (130 mn) childlabourers in India are not just those fanciful topic that you can talk and seek funding for, Rather they are bread winners for the poverty ridden families both urban and rural. Howelse could you expect families survive without work ? Children who belong to big / small families that do not have work and depend on the little hands that work …

I know you might be wondering why I am sad about a good law that has been passed to save 130 mn children from the clutches of childlabour! But true imagine the fate of the families and the children as well who go to bed without a meal. Atleast this way they are having something to eat. I dont mean they shud depend on the little hands, but for sure the Govt shud be doing something to rehabilitate the children and their families who are ready to work but donot have anything to do.

The ban, he says, does little to address the reasons that compel children to work: backbreaking poverty, family debts, marginalization, and migration of their parents.

A recent study conducted by the International Labour Organization found that “children’s work was considered essential to maintaining the economic level of households, either in the form of work for wages, of help in household enterprises, or of household chores in order to free adult household members for economic activity elsewhere.”

A new report by the International Labor Organization warns that of the 350 million children doing labor, 106 million are in acceptable work, such as the family farm.

Children working in Hotels, restaurants, hazardous working conditions, mines as soldiers in private armies, domestic labour, aggricultural labour. Cant we do something to save them from the clutches of this rather shameful conditions. Shameful it is for the country and for all of us. Lets make a move, save the children save the tommorrow of your country.

Slavery is not dead, just less recognizable

But banning childlabour is just not a solution but a problem in itself without actually creating avenues for the familkies. I shall share u something,

This was in 2003 and I was with the ILO project we went on this drive to get childlabourers out of work. After rescuing a handfull of them we went to their parrents to reveal our success and achievements so called.

All we got was brickbats / abuses in original TELUGU.

One woman came straight to me and asked me, how could she feed her son and just delivered baby boy, when her man / husband ran away in fear of debtors. Debts in this part of the world have cost so many lives. Call them Farners suicides or just deaths but they and more such social and economic issues are the cause.

Its easy to resolve something sitting in the comfort zones… No hurt intended dear just trying to drive the point that its a cycle it starts somewhere and we are trying to find solutions completly somewhere else far away….

But I would say a Thank you for posting a social cause… and its a begining…..which surely have a happy smiles on 136 million children of India and millions more around the world….

13 crore (136 mn) child labourers in India

1 out of 2 children in the age group of 6-14 have no access to Primary education

30 lakh children the street is their home

111 million children are employed in Hazardous places and paid a pittance

15 mn are bonded labourers

7 thoughts on “Banning something without an action plan or alternatives

  1. Savourfare

    Very good post veeru, child labor in all forms is despicable. The ways you describe the governments follow up to the labor law shows irresponsabity on their part as well. One would think that government would have the brains to think out the entire solutions and all of its ramifications rather than simply passing a law only to create other issues. Good piece of work here, keep up the good reporting.

  2. svelliyod

    I always see socially relevant subjcet in your blog!

    That said, this issue of Child Labour is very topical, with a renewed ban on this. I DO see the issue needing far deeper thoinling, as the children who DO need to survioves, without alternate means are left high and dry, while on the other side we do not a social security systems for them
    I feel we are all responsible for this state of affairs…

  3. Anonymous

    Very good post! I was thinking about doing a post on camel racing and child slaves, especially after a popular show in the states had the contestants particpate in a camel race.

    Your comment about empathy versus pity is very true. Pity generally generates charity, compassion and empathy more othen results in one seeking justice. In order to change an unjust system (whatever that system might be, justice needs to occcur. Injustices aren’t eliminated by charity). I’ll stop now, before I wind up making a blog of my own.

  4. RAVI


  5. Raj

    kavi sent me here. We share the same thought about the ban. I do believe that that sympathy is of no use. It is good for people who want to just show other they “feel” I am adding your link to my page. That was some brave work you did there.

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