Look at Sankarans Blog

I shall not write much this time around except to ask you to look at the Sankaran’s blog for an interesting account of a Women only (mind you the largest hold your breath 1.5 mn and growing each year) festival.

In February-March each year, Kerala’s capital Thiruvananthapuram shuts down for a day as over a million women take to the streets to celebrate the `pongala’ festival of the Attukal Bhagavathy temple.

But at the same time I also would like to add that theres one more, this time in PUNE and that too after the much known Ganesh utsav, when around 30 to 40,000 women participate the next day of the Ganesh pooja ie., new / full moon according to the Hindu calender, in a procession as well as a mannat mangna or ask for a boon ceremony in Pune its been happening since ages and as long as they can remember.

Iam currently travelling in Hubli-Goa rgion will post a detailed one when I come back….

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