This was my entry to the history matters Blogging page, they have taken up the task of actually recording a day in the History OCTOBER 17th a non-important day just for the sake of recording History.

The 17th of October 2006 has been a normal day starting at the stroke of midnight, me dozing in a general compartment in the Indian Railways train from Hubli-Hyderabad India. It all started when I was asked to get out of the train for boarding a day in advance. Yeah you are right I mistook 16th of October to be 17th of October and as an intellectual would act I boarded the train I had to run from pillar to post to get a confirmation ticket for Second sleeper.
The worst thing is my sister-in-law and her husband shiva along with their cute kids were also travelling with me, as also a friend Murali. I had to convince plead and take to my knees to get a confirmed 2 berths for the 15 hour over night journey only to accomadate the sister-in-law and her husban as well as the two kids.

So here I am dozing off in a crowded train after a doubly tiring pillar to post run. When I woke up a couple of times I was being touched by a Muslim man (he was 60 and odd and a homosexual) everywhere, I had to throw myself out of his way and run for cover into another seat which i fought for after a couple of hours of standing. 

And lifes a witch it didnt stop hunting me, I had to loose my Mobile so Guys Stop calling me on my Old Number (+91-9866228626) a nokia 3315 and so here iam again blogging liberated from the Moile ringtones on my blog.

The morning of 17th of October woke me up in Hyderabad with the smiling face of my sis-in-law and her husband shiva wishing good morning at Hyderabad from where again my turbulent journey took off with a presentation of voluntary agency, SEVA BHARATHI at the MICROSOFT office in Gachibouli which went off really well among the rock concert and a couple of games.

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  1. svelliyod

    huh! I had a similar experince on the Mumbai-Chennai flight 2 years ago. The flight was on time, I had confirmed seat. When I reached the check in for the flight, the lady told me, “Sir, your flight has departed”.
    “..huh? Hows that possible, everyone in this ques is on the same flight…isn’t it?”
    She smiles and tell me, “your ticket is for yesterday!”
    I was exactly one day late!
    (Some secretarial screw up in booking…., I flew on the same flight…but thats a different matter!)

  2. Anita

    My goodness Veeru, now that was a heck of a day, I am glad by the end, things turned out better for you. Geez, good luck with your phone situation, whataday!

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