A simple cure for an epidemic in ur kitchen

This is one friend I made recently,Vallabha N S and he calls himself Ayurveda Online and I was surprised on reading his blog. The Indian Sub continent is having a tough time coping up with scary ill healths. Fevers some call Dengue, some Chickungunya and a hell whole lot of them. Old timers say we havent seen the worst yet. All this due to your unsteered development.

Comming back to my ayurveda friend he says

Chikungunga Home Treatment

“The name of the medicine in Kannada “Kusabi” & “Jaintuppa” and in English “Sunflower Seed” and “Honey”, along with the medicine prescribed by the doctor, Infected persons should take the 2-3 gram “Sunflower Seed”, remove the wrap and use the inside real seed, make it into powder and mix with the “Honey” this mixture should be taken by Infected persons three times a day, as per the ancient ayurveda, “Kusabi” and “Honey” is very useful to control the joint pain and in Chikungunga the main crisis will be joint pain”.

Thank you dear Vallabha and you can mail him if you want at thambisa@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “A simple cure for an epidemic in ur kitchen

  1. Vikram

    Blogs like this are need of the hour.Hope this technology can spread the message to millions and science of ‘Ayurveda’is archived digitally in this fashion…if this blog is maintained and updated regularly Im sure it will be good source of information for the generations to come!

  2. Veeru వీరు

    Thats true Vikram and hope the Indian Etnic medicine would be put to more better use with more research and awareness

  3. rickroux

    I wanted to share an incredible source on Ayurveda, the ancient medical science of Natural Healing. This site has free educational content, videos, articles, and learning tools. I was amazed to see that this ayurvedic school has online videos of their classes for FREE! … to visit their website click on or copy:



    Rick Roux

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