The IE 7 an as usual bungle

The IE7 beta release has been a much talked out topic on most of the tech blogs. Enthusiasts have always wanted to see if Microsoft can recreate the magic it has been known for. But I think the IE7 has been trailing and trailing not coz of lack of ideas but coz of its imitation of Mozillas and operas and all such things.

YEah while evaluating / shud i say testing the IE7 i was quite not satisfied, although the look and feel of IE is what I always liked and am addicted to, the TABs is one thing that let me down. Clicking on a link shud open it in a seperate tab not a window which normally happens with IE. And the other thing is theres so many bugs in it that it shuts down itself automatically in the midle of an operation. Or is it that IE doesnt want to be operated on a system that has someother browser on it. Typical congested mindset.

The cluttered tool bars is one more irrtant in a host of IE irritants. Theres much more am still trying to look for good things and things I would like in the IE7. Just write down some of the things that you feel are gud / bad on IE7.


One thought on “The IE 7 an as usual bungle

  1. Savourfare

    I use the IE as well and also tested out the IE7 and found it very annoying plus, with all the tabs ect it uses up to much bandwidth slowing things down. I switched back in just two days lol.

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