Another beauty Contest with a difference

This is one Beauty Contest with a difference, SADAR. The milk giving animals and their partners walk the roads of hyderabad to be adjudged and crowned the best, ofcourse with a cash prize as well as the gold prize. The Folk legend goes this way, Since the Lord SriKrishna of the MahaBharatha has eliminated the Demon king Narakasura with the help of his wife Sathyabhama, the yadavas (cow-heards men or if u would like to call them cow boys though not in the meaning used right now) comemorate the day after as SADAR.

But the Day has more than this a lot of events in Hindu epics culminate on this day of diwali.

What better way to give them due place and respect in a market driven society than this. This is one thing that i love about Hyderabad, despite its Hi-tech and cosmopolitan looks gaining prominance the city still relives its folk cultures. Theres a little bit of folk culture in every city across the world, only we need to look at it that way. The yadavs (a caste in the hindu caste structure) descendants of Lord Sri Krishna of the Mahabharatha are the cattle rearers especially the Cows, are the main attraction of the procession. Most of them to that matter are the yadavas.

The procession of bulls and buffalos is one thing that is a feast for your eyes. Decorated and pampered these creatures have  aroyal life even if it is for this one day of the year. Who otherwise have a toiling day. Isnt it boring to just lie down eat grass nad then again let the master milk without letting the siblings have its true share of milk ?

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