More questions (ofcourse picked from JIM)

Q.  Last thing you burned while attempting to cook?:

A.  The egg fry.

Q.  Describe yourself in three words?:

A.  Boring listener, Couch potato, traveller.

Q.  How long does it take to get ready for your day?:

A.  well over 15 minutes. 

Q.  Favorite place to blow 50 bucks?:

A.  The bookstore.

Q.  How many people have you thought were “the one”?:

A.  well didnt quite count.

Q.  What is something that turns you off from the opposite sex?:

A.  hypocracy.

Q.  What kind of car do you drive?:

A.  Toyota Innova.

Q.  What’s in your CD player right now?:

A.  Just my Computer.

Q.  What celebrity would you have tea / coffee) with?:

A.   Angelina joolie

Q.  What celebrity would you NOT have tea with?:

A.  Politician.

Q.  What kind of toothpaste do you use?:

A.  Dabur’s red paste. 

Q.  What time do you usually go to bed?:

A.  Always after 11:00pm.

Q.  Last movie you saw?:

A.  The Myth (man its all myth I bet if any one can watch it again)

Q.  Last TV show you watched?:

A.  Rezendovous on Star world

Q.  Who is your best friend?:

A.  not one but a couple of them.

Q. Who in your family do you best get along with?:

A.  Not really. 

Q.  Who do you have a crush on?:

A.  Aishwarya rai LOL.

Q.  What time is it right now?:

A.  12:53 pm.

Q.  Are you planning a vacation/travel soon?:

A.  Would never know.

Q.  When/Where was the last time you traveled?:

A.  To Goa last week.

Q.  How many times have you been in love?:

A.  havent actually counted.

Q.  How old will you be in 10 years?:

A.  41.

Q.  Where do you see yourself in 10 years?:

A.  at the top of the world.

Q.  Sinful snacking weakness?:

A.  The Rosgullah (an Indian Sweet Dish)

Q.  Roller Coasters?:

A.  Scarry!

Q.  Ever run out of gas?:

A.  Soooo many times.

Q.  Ever been on a train?:

A.  Yes, I love trains. 

Q.  Ever been on a blind date?:

A.  Yes a couple of times.

Q.  Ever been to Europe?

A.  Nah. 

Q.  What would you do if you could be the opposite sex for one day?:

A.  Flirt

Q.  Would you tell anyone it was really you?:

A.  Not unless I had to.

Q.  Ever been arrested?:

A.  No.

Q.  Have a crush on anyone you work with?:

A.  Yeah a couple of them too blondy.

Q.  What is something you believe in?:

A.  The power of love.

Q.  What is something you fear?:

A.  Death.

Q.  What time did you wake up this morning?:

A.  9:40 .

Q.  What is the worst physical pain you have ever experienced?:

A.  pain in the abdomen.

Q.  What is your favorite television show?:

A.  Globbe totter (Dicovery travell and living), Just for gags (POGO).

Q.  Ever photoshopped yourself to look better in a picture?:

A.  I love to photograph others

Q.  Tell us something about your childhood?

A.  A Nostalgic one with blends of love pampering and poverty.

Q.  What would it cost you to flash the person next to you?:

A.  My sanity?   

Q.  Best time to catch you in a good mood?:

A.  Early mornings & Evening.

Q.  If you could be anything for one day, what would it be:

A.  Myself but a bit fat

Q.  Most prized possession?:

A.  My books, my pix.

Q.  Would you ever sell it/for how much?:

A.  Never.

Q.  What is one of your pet peeves?:

A.   Lying.

Q.  Favorite kind of ice cream?:

A.  vanila.

Q.  What song are you listening to right now?:

A.   My TV’s adverts

Q. If you could punch one person who would it be?:

A.  Osama Bin Laden n Bush as well

Q.  Would you tell us one of your secrets?

A.  Havent bathed for the past couple of days LOL. 

2 thoughts on “More questions (ofcourse picked from JIM)

  1. Savourfare

    Last thing you burned while attempting to cook?:
    To so me of your questions lol I burn everything especially when chatting on the YM.

    How long does it take to get ready for your day?:
    For me if it is work then maybe 30 to 45 minutes with food & all.

    What celebrity would you have tea / coffee) with?:
    Good choice but I must now go with Melissa on my friends list as I know her now.

    If you could punch one person who would it be?:
    Toss one in for me with a big kick.

    Would you tell us one of your secrets?
    Lol you better not say that on Lizzies blog heehee.

  2. Initiative Stain

    I have not been blogging much when hello from Canada and I hope you do have time to write on mine as well ….peace et namaste!

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