Spoony Singh (Madam Tussads museum) dies

Indian-born businessman Spoony Singh works on a wax figure of Marilyn Monroe in his Hollywood Wax Museum in Los Angeles in this April 19, 1966 file photo. Singh, who once said he founded the world famous Hollywood Wax Museum to give tourists who couldn’t find any real celebrities in Hollywood the next best thing, died Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2006 his family said. He was 83.

5 thoughts on “Spoony Singh (Madam Tussads museum) dies

  1. Pavan

    Ohhh, sooo sorry!!! I never knew that wax museum was founded by an Indian. I’ve recently been to London Wax Museum. It’s amazing.

  2. Raj

    That chap is wax and Marilyn is real there…

    OTOH, she is just kicking him in the groin.. ouch! which means he is real and she is wax..

    OTOH, it could be the other way around..

    Goto start

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