Domestic Violence against women

I remember reading a blog entry by Suzygirl on Domestic violence against women and a week to commemorate and create awareness against it.

It was a pleasant surprise from the govt of India this morning that there was a law which was introduced during the tenure of the previous govt but only came into effect today. Good one isnt it ? And shocked Iam  at the figures the mere statistics i thought they were but they were more than that. Victims, tears, life became hell with dowry and womens financially dependent role.

Take the case of Imrana or the shah bano or the cases of sati in various parts of India

Every six hours, a young married woman is burned, beaten to death or driven to commit suicide, officials say.Overall, a crime against women is committed every three minutes in India, according to India’s National Crime Records Bureau.

  • One crime against women every three minutes
  • One rape every 29 minutes
  • One dowry death case every 77 minutes
  • One case of cruelty by husband and relatives every nine minutes

Source: National Crime Records Bureau

What was most welcomming was it covered not just wives as victims but women in the role of living in partners, sisters, cousins in one word it covered women as a whole in whatever role. And while I appreciate the law I also would be wary of the result / impact it would bring along with it. The family is one thing that has been independent in India and the family system is the basis of Indian culture, If the Govt starts making rules for every single thing without actually creating awarenes among the populace it might end up as a farce. It might as well create a sense of fear rather than build a relationship of trust between couples or family members. Which I think is unwarranted in the case of a family.

India cant afford a system that looks for govt directives in all fields. We have already lost the self-reliant villages and rural clusters, both economic, political as well as moral. The over centralisation might as well do more bad than good which is not expected off.

While women have been victims for ages and they need, no second thought, solace from the harassments and abuses the society has to be driven in a direction which has less / limited social impact negatively.

3 thoughts on “Domestic Violence against women

  1. *MaRiNa*

    That’s a very interesting blog. It’s really sad to realize how many women suffer in a daily basis for no reason at all. And violence comes in several forms that hurts them not only physically but leaves marks in their soul for ever!

  2. Anonymous

    thank you so much for posting this, where our world as a whole has came a LONG ways,,there is STILL a long ways to go, I’m so pleased you have this mentality, I wish more men did,,HUGS.

  3. sunny

    veeru వీరు , I’ve been reading through some of your blog post this morning. It’s morning here in Texas. This is an all too familiar issue here in America. However, thanks to people like you bring it to the publics attention there has been laws passed and groups formed. So there is hope for victims of abuse. This post should be recycled, that is brought to the top of your list from time to time. It’s good! Then it will be a continual reminder and help for those that need it. Thanks for your excellent post.


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