A man that fought TB, inching towards death

Mr. K.J.R. Murthy, the man behind one of the few successful models in curing TB is now inching towards his death himself. A pioneer in the efforts to eradicate the effects of Flourosis and TB as well. TB the poor man’s disease one thing that Dr Murthy has been tirelessly working. He’s been at the Mahavir Trust Hospital, Hyderabad for decades. A contributor to the PPM -DOTS project at the hospital that changed the face of the treatment of TB.

The man has been suffering from cancer in the brain and has already passed the critical stages. Its heartening to see a man of great knowledge and effort inch towards death.

My association with him dates back to early 2001 when I was working for a voluntary agencies thats active in fighting the Poor mans’ disease TB. As a novice i had to go to Mr Murthy for direction and project guidence. He used to guide me at the Mahavir Trust Hospital, where he worked tirelessly. Out of the two working models that were successful in India one was the Mahavir Trust Hospital PPM-DOTS the other was a chennai model that was privately funded and run by Advocacy for Control of Tuberculosis. So comming back to where i left, Dr Murthy guided and trained us for over a week on the intricacies and minute details in handling TB.

Even now being on the death bed the man is running pillar to post to cure the TB poor of the deamonic disease that doesnt kill that easily rather would give a hell of a pain, causing a loss of income to the family as a whole.

And I just feel the words of MUNNABHAI in his latest film saying, “Iam not a doctor but you are all, you could have saved his life” (Saala apun tho doctor nahin lekin thum log tho pade likhe ho doctor Ho thum kyon kuch nahi karthein ?)

5 thoughts on “A man that fought TB, inching towards death

  1. Beau-belle

    This blog touched my heart..Hope n pray to the god to give him more life span for the noble work he is doing and thanks for this wonderful info..between, i liked the punch like ..form Munna bhai …take care 😀

  2. Anonymous

    I will tell you, first off THANK YOU for bringing this to people’s attention. I recently found out from my time working in the EMS field and in hospitals that I have gained the TB virus. Thank god it is isolated in my lungs, where I am not contagious nor have the disease, I still have to start antibiotics soon to get rid of this. I got it while helping people and evidently got exposed to it. God bless this man, without his research, etc..I would probably end up dying with this, due to my immune system can not keep it isolated forever, as I get older, my immune system will weaken, but I will be ok after the antibiotics. I will keep this man in my prayers.

  3. svelliyod

    I bow to such humane human beings…Veeu, despite all that is wrong with this world, it is the weight of a few such greats, that the ‘balance’ is maintained.
    If it’s inevitable, all we can do is pray .. and help take forward the cause he strongly helped spread.
    btw, TB is no more a ‘poor man’s’ virus. According to WHO stats, possibly one of every three (yes, 33% of the population) is likely to affected in some way or other.The worst part is the diagnosis. Often one doesnt know, for TB remains ‘inactive’ some times, for even 8-9 years!

  4. Raman Kolluri

    Dr. KJR Murthy is my cousin brother and we grew up together in Hyderabad. Not only he was a great doctor but a perfect gentleman. He was loved by all he came into contact with. He lived an ideal life caring for not only his brothers and sister, but all who approached him for help. He achieved great distinction in his profession and yet remained a humble man. We lost a truly great man.May his soul rest in peace

  5. jackson

    I Know Dr. KJR Murthy since 1991. He was great doctor and very soft speaking to the patients. I Miss him a lot. May his soul rest in peace.

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