The Kartheeka Vana Bhojan

Its the Unusual rains that have been troubling the wonderful winters in this part of the world. Its still chilly in my room and I sit here writing my slumber moments. The Karthika month according to the Hindu calender is the most auspicious and considered a socialising and the best thing is the Vana Bhojan (Community food fest) and the other best thing being the Samudra snan (dip in the sea / river). I love the month right from my childhood I always would look forward for this one month that gives so much of fun to us as kids. While the elders would get together as a socialising and get away from reggular stuff, we as kids would have so much time to laugh, play and ofcourse fight.

The wonderful thing about the month I feel is the reverence to the Mother NATURE. Some sort of a thanks giving to the mother of all. Call it God, call it supernatural power or just science, but it truly is an awesome and wonderful thing and truly worth a hug and  a thank you.

And today after a long time of hopping around the country I had time to sit and eat with friends, especially in the month of Karthika, in the lap of the mother nature (Osmania University campus). Its such wonderful feeling to be amongst friends and relations and sit with them chat, eat, laugh and relax.

5 thoughts on “The Kartheeka Vana Bhojan

  1. i am at facebook

    That sounds so wonderful. When I was a child I lived in a tiny secluded valley called Jobes Hole. It was a village actually. Carved out of a used to be mountain; I say used to be because it had eroded to a wonderfill grassy hill that we loved to hike. A Creek surrounded the hole little vally, Bull Creek, and we had to walk across a little bridge to get out of the valley. Everybody knew Everyone and families would have what we called socials. I gues theey would call it open house now. usually in the summer and spring, maybe early fall, and we would have times like you describe for the Month of Karthika for Jobes Hole was also surrounded by thousands of trees, wild flowers, gardens, rabbits, chickens, goats,…thank you for reminding me of something that was so beautiful and so fun

  2. Beau-belle

    Aiii vanabojanam…well, veeru its fun. I just loved that day when we used to go to our native on summer vacation(not actually karthika vanabojanam)and we used to carry mid day meals to the field for the farmers and it was an wonderful experience of eating with them admist of those green field and some songs they sing…wow…thanks for sharing this info…how i wish that i can fly there and do it even today…take care …a very nice blog.

  3. Pavan

    That’s a nice one Veeru. I remember going to a vanabhojanam when I was kid (honestly don’t know whether it was karthika masam), but it was fun. Esp. when you are tired of eating the same food(cooked by mum, just kiddin) everyday, you get to eat a variety of dishes…I liked it but never got an opportunity to go there again.

  4. Anonymous

    Sounds like you are having a great time, that is awesome 🙂 Have a great time there and remember to post pics , inquiring minds want to see some awesome pictures. 🙂

  5. Anita

    It really is something reading these and learning the India ways of life. I tell ya, it is a whole different world here in the states. Thanks for sharing your side of the world to us.

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