Entry for November 01, 2006

Here today we are celebrating the State formation dayin Andhra Pradesh.  Andhra is the first state to have formed on linguistic basis in India. The language TELUGU is one of the oldest languages after sanskrit and the second largest spoken only after Hindi. This italian of the east as it is known has been a center of attraction for quite a few celebrities. I was surprised to know Shyam Benegal was a Telugu. Look at the other Telugu people and their contribution to the world and a more eloberate one is here.

I still remember singing the famous MAA TELUGU TALLIKI MALLE POO DANDA and I love the song so much that it comes up once in a while in my mind so unintentionally. I donot know where it would lead the tussle of todays regionalism which is crawling up and grabbing state by state to be bifurcated and trifurcated in to small pieces of land unmindful, uncaring for the people and their views and its sociological implications.

Now on Nov 1st Wish the Andhra People a happy state formation day.

And heres some stuff taht u can relax with I just borrowed this from one of the online 360 contacts. Just check out what u r…

Heres mine

    You are individualistic, and you need freedom, space, and excitement. You wait until you know someone well before committing yourself. Knowing someone means psyching him out.You feel a need to get into his head to see what makes him tick. You are attracted to eccentric types. Often there is an age difference between you and your lover. You respond to danger, thrills, and suspense.


7 thoughts on “Entry for November 01, 2006

  1. Beau-belle

    He he Verru Happy kannada rajyothsava too..its the 50th year…n same with us i guess…been in Bangalore ever since iam born…anyways nice reading this..take care

  2. svelliyod

    Rajyotsava is a formation day for a few other states too! So let’s wish them too!

    That said, “Maa Telugu Talliki Nanna Vandanamu” (hope I got it nearly right?).

    I am reminded of Thyagaraja’s Kriti, as I read this Blog
    “Endaro Mahanabhavulu, Andarikee Vandanamulu”

  3. Pavan

    Wishes to you and all Veeru!!! But a small correction – It would be nice if it says AndhraPradesh rather than Andhra in the present circumstances.

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