“Humanity is living off its ecological credit card,”

Looked at the sun, ever wondered how much energy it has been emnating and we humans still dont realise its potential and polluting the world the nature with the fossil fuels. It all started after reading about the California guv talking about, vote on Proposition 87.

Taking a world view, Mr. Müller said about 2 billion people live in rural areas with no electricity. Of these, about 40 percent are already spending $5 to $10 per month for lighting, but are too poor to afford to install electrical systems—making them an ideal target market for prepayment systems.

I was actually reading this piece from Deccan chronicle a local english paper in India. Ofcourse that piece is picked up from the NYT and reproduced. Heres the copy of the piece, and the wonderful commentary on the whole thing ishere :

Arnold The California Governor has already signed a law that would reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the world’s sixth-largest economy to 1990 levels by 2020. California voters will be asked a week from today to vote on Proposition 87, which would impose a new tax of up to six per cent on crude oil pumped within the state, with the aim of raising $4 billion over nine years to fund research into alternative fuels. Arnold is sitting on the fence on this one, and the experts are saying this is just too close to call.

And comming back to the Sun and its power thats been useless coz of human negligence I would say.

“Humanity is living off its ecological credit card,” said Dr. Wackernagel.

Already resources are depleting, with the report’s Living Planet Index showing that vertebrate species populations have declined by about one-third from 1970 to 2003. Global Footprint Network, which co-authored the report, calculates that in 2003 humanity’s Ecological Footprint was 25 per cent larger than the planet’s capacity to produce these resources. This ecological ‘overshoot’ means that it now takes about one year and three months for the Earth to regenerate what we use in a single year. Overshoot has increased by 4 per cent since the last Living Planet Report, which was based on 2001 data, and is projected to rise to 30 per cent in 2006. The carbon dioxide Footprint, which accounts for the use of fossil fuels, is almost half the total global Footprint, and is its fastest growing component, increasing more than nine fold from 1961 to 2003.

Now its not just complaining heres a little work a latest one that i came across while reading on the same subject. Solar Refrigeration.

CHILL PILL: Solar Chill can help preserve life-saving vaccines in powerless rural India.

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