Entry for November 04, 2006

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I wouldn’like to opine on this particular issue but would like you to go through the links and vote below. Such cases have been on rise in India but would you appreciate the logic behind it. From the links posted below watch the comments by readers and discussions they may give an insight into the real issues. The comments / discussions are linked in respective pages. There are a lot of links but have tried to balance the views and news reports from the media, the Religious and the womens organisations as well as the human rights agencies.

Imrana case: Rape by Media

New Delhi/ Muzaffarnagar/ Deoband: An alleged rape of a Muslim woman by her father-in-law in an obscure village has shaken India, pitting secularists, feminists, communists and extremist Hindutvites who demand the abolition of Muslim personal laws, against its 145 million Muslims.

Chronology of Imrana case

“Fatwa in Imrana case should not be enforced” (milligazette)

The Reality Over Imrana Case (Islam online)

‘Imrana rape case is defaming Islam’ (Express India)

Defenders of faith: Imrana case sparks civil code debate (NDTV)

The Imrana case and the Deoband fatwa (PUCL)

Imrana & justice  (Public affairs mag)
Since when has rape become an issue about religion or secularism?

Imrana case update (Indian Muslim)

My Take on Imrana Case (Yusuf Speaks Blog )

Imrana Dilemma (another blogger)

Where is your take on the IMRANA case?” (One  more Blogger)

The so-called Imrana case (Womens world)

Protest against AIMPLB for its postition on the Imrana case (Network for women in India)



Debunking the Imrana Rape-case and ripping out each allegation

Muslim Court Finally Deals Some Justice in Rape Case


Another Imrana case in West Bengal

Rape victim driven out of village by Muslim panchayat


BEHRAMPUR: In a virtual repeat of the Imrana case, a mother of four has been driven out of her village in Murshidabad district by a Muslim panchayat after being allegedly raped by a local man over three months ago.

Imrana’s case from U.P. and Ayesha Azmi’s case from London are very much in media’s glare these days. Earlier in eighties of twentieth century the Shah Bano case remained in media headlines for months. There is no doubt that media pays more than needed attention when it comes to Muslim women. Muslims always complaint abut this extraordinary interest media, both electronic and print, takes in Muslims women’s matters.

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4 thoughts on “Entry for November 04, 2006

  1. Anonymous

    This is horrible and don’t get me started. I thank god the women’s movement is involved witin this case. I hear women bitching in my country (USA) and I think of these poor women experiencing things such as this in other countries and it makes me want to slap the women bitching in my own country, thanks for sharing this.

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